With more than 135 years of continuous operation and over 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space we have developed the knowledge and experience to meet all your fabrication needs. Our philosophy of keeping all our operations in-house (i.e. machining, burning, forming etc.) means we control our projects from start to finish. No excuses that our subcontractors delayed the project because we do not need to use subcontractors! We have the most talented and experienced welders who produce the highest quality work that has impressed customers for years. We weld using GMAW, GTAW, FCAW and SAW and keep a wide range of material in stock for that “Emergency” delivery in case it is needed. Our main fabrication bay #1 features (2) 50 Ton Bridge Crane with 42’ under hook (each bridge has (2) 25 Ton Hoists) so that we can lift and manipulate 200,000 pounds quickly and safely. Our main fabrication bay #2 features a similar arrangement but with (2) 30 Ton Bridge Crane with 41’ under hook (each bridge has (2) 15 Ton Hoists). Our bay doors are 30’ tall x 60’ wide and when combined with our lifting capacity leave little that we can not fabricate. Below is a list of some of our fabrication equipment:

  • Brand new 5 axis CNC Burning Table (up to 6” thick x 188” x 510” capacity)
  • 3/4” x 120” Hydraulic Shear w/ CNC controls
  • Waterjet Table (up to 6” thick x 84” x 168”)
  • 400 Ton Brake Press x 16’ long w/gooseneck 
  • CNC Plate Rolls (up to 1-5/8” x 120” alloy rolling capacity) 
  • Sub arc fully automatic seam welder
  • Welding Manipulators (up to 13’ horizontal travel x 23’ vertical travel) 
  • Welding Positioners (up to 22,000# capacity) 
  • Tank Turning Rolls (up to 300 Ton capacity) 
  • Plasma Cutting Machines 
  • Orbital tube welders (up to 2-1/2” capacity)
  • Miller PipeWorks Piping Welders  
  • MIG, TIG and Sub arc welders 
  • Heat Exchanger Retubing Equipment (tube pullers, tube cutters, tube sheet bevelers, etc.)